I’m Getting Better


Don’t count me out. I was pretty sick and miserable but already I am so much better. I even have my own pharmacy.

I take antibiotics for my bad teeth and pee trap infection. Then there’s a pill because I leak. Next I get supplements for my worn out joints, some yummy fish oil and some kind of pill that makes the pain get better.

The other dogs like my pill time because whenever I take a pill they get a small treat. What’s not to like about that?

I’ve only been at Asherpark since Monday but I’m bouncing back pretty fast. I limp when I walk, but that doesn’t stop me from hanging with the pack.

I’m good about my toilet and never soil in the house. Oh, I do still leak a little bit but not enough to cause a problem.

All the house dogs have been really nice to me. I don’t know all the rules and sometimes I do something that offends.

Last night I made the mistake of grabbing Asher’s night time binky. Oh boy, he told me “no” in a big loud voice. Then I tried to get in Jack’s bed. Jack didn’t like that either.

Mom says she’s going to call me Goldilocks. I try every bed in the house before I pick the one I want. All the beds are nice. They sure are better than the cold floor at the shelter. I have fun going from one bed to another until I get sleepy.


People say I have a sunny disposition. I say life is good. Maybe things didn’t go my way for a while. Maybe I was on the short list at the shelter to cross the rainbow bridge. But that’s all behind me. I’m looking forward and it looks like good times ahead.



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