Death Row Dog


I am alive, thanks to Old Dog Haven. I had been scheduled to die, but at the last minute the superior court of kindness intervened and I was saved.

Why anyone thought I was worth saving is beyond me. I had lain in my own urine for days. It saturated an enormous hair ball attached to my leg. People were sickened by the smell and would not come near me.

The volunteer who drove me from the shelter to meet my foster mom said I was incontinent and would not live long. I could barely stand or walk.

My next stop was at the Old Dog Haven vet where very nice people examined me. I was so relieved when they removed the horrible hair mass. Deaf, poor eyesight, possible injuries, arthritis, terrible teeth. The list went on and on.

My foster mom put me back in her car. After another long drive we came to a stop and I was lifted out onto the grass. Grass! Not a concrete pad like at the shelter. And smells. Wonderful smells of other dogs and rabbits and birds and squirrels.

I was so confused I hardly knew how to behave. A kindly man came out to greet me followed by a handsome boy dog named Asher, his beautiful girl Tess, and another worn out old mutt like me named Jack.

They were appalled by my stench. All three dogs sniffed my pee trap endlessly until the woman finally told them to stop.

We walked through the wet grass for a long time. All I could do was sniff. Finally everything in my body let go at once. Urine poured out and I voided until there was nothing left.

I staggered back to the house where a small but delicious meal was served. I received a light rub down with a damp towel and was tucked into a soft bed on a warm floor.

I did not dream that first night. Dreams are for those who expect to live another day. Yet here I am. I will bark more later. For now I am grateful to be alive.



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