I’m Staying!


They took me in when nobody else wanted me. They were going to help me get back on my feet. Then I could be adopted or placed in a final refuge home through Old Dog Haven.

Everybody felt sorry for me because I’m such a used up little rag. But that’s just my furry self. My inner self is quite fine. In fact, my inner self is feeling like a very lucky dog.

I was so scared in the shelter. I may be old but I’m not stupid. I knew the shelter wasn’t going to spend any money to fix me up. I knew I was scheduled to die.

But then I had this crazy dream. An old blue Aussie dog like me joined my dream. She said her name was Codie and she could make things happen from her side of the rainbow bridge.

Codie told me not to worry. She said she had it all arranged. Old Dog Haven would spring me from the shelter and I’d end up at Asherpark.

I didn’t know what she was talking about. I never heard of Old Dog Haven or Asherpark. Before she left my dream she asked me to say hi to Asher for her. Then she was gone.

The next day a volunteer pulled me out of my kennel at the shelter. Because I was saturated with urine and smelled so bad I was put in a crate. The volunteer shook her head and wondered why anybody would want me. I held my thoughts but I knew why. Codie said so!

When I arrived at Asherpark the pack didn’t expect me to stay long. They thought I’d go to another family. But that’s not what happened.

After a couple of days the pack talked it over and decided that I should stay at Asherpark forever! They were kinda confused because it wasn’t what they planned. But they all felt strongly that I should stay.

I told Ash it was just like Codie said. He whipped around and looked at me real strange. “How do you know about Codie?” he asked. “She was in my dream at the shelter,” I said.

Ash stood real still and his blue eyes were huge with wonder. He looked sort of dreamy and started mumbling about Codie. As he walked away I barked after him, “Codie said there should always be two blue dogs at Asherpark.” And now there are.



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