Tax Day


It might as well be tax day. I hear people grumbling about April 15th and their tax returns.

Well, I’ve got something to grumble about too. See what they did to me???

Mom wasted some of her tax return having me shaved! After nearly two years at Asherpark mom said she couldn’t manage my bad hair days by herself anymore.

I heard her on the phone to the groomer but I had no idea she was making an appointment for me.

Next thing I knew I was dumped at some place full of strange dogs, dreadful noises and people pretending they liked me.

It was hideous. They shaved off all the hairballs and raked out my undercoat. I was subjected to a bath with foul smelling soaps.

Soon I was on a table having my lovely long hair blow dried. Then came the clippers and voila! Don’t I look ridiculous? I am humiliated and not one bit happy.

Oh, I have to admit it feels good to be rid of those hairballs that get tighter and tighter. Apparently I get a week off without brushing. Big deal.

Worst of all I came home to find we have a guest dog. How thoughtless of my owners. We have to put up with Frieda, a very old and somewhat forgetful golden retriever.

My people make over her because they’ve known her since she was a pup. I guess she was tight with Codie and even Ash likes her. I am so disgusted.

The boys know to stay out of my way. Frieda is oblivious and I’m mad as a hatter. I’m planning my revenge! Stay tuned.

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