Growing Pains


The sheriff came today. His name is Matt and he’s my tutor. Mom has known him since he was a kid. Now he’s all grown up and is teaching mom how to teach me.

Matt says I’m doing real good with my lessons. I’ve learned to behave when people come to the house, how to be respectful on the leash and to pay attention when mom is talking to me.

I didn’t think I would like the lessons. I had my own agenda and thought I wanted to do things my own way.

But the more I work with mom the more I like the discipline. I know exactly what mom wants me to do and I like pleasing her.

Today mom and Matt took me down to see the goats. They actually told me to round up the goats. I was having the best fun when suddenly mom called me back.

Oh boy, that was tough. I wanted to chase the goats but I knew I was supposed to come when called. The first time I stopped the chase and trotted back to mom, not with any great enthusiasm, but I did come back.

Next they let me go to the farthest spot in the ravine. I was smelling rabbit tracks when mom called me. I heard her. I heard her just fine. I even turned and looked at her, but went back to exploring.

Then Matt called me real loud. I heard that too. I’m not deaf like Jack. But I wasn’t going back until I was ready.

Turns out Matt is a lot more agile than mom. He scrambled down the steep ravine, grabbed me by my scruff and told me “NO!”

I already knew what I did wrong. I’m not stupid. I chose to ignore the call. Not a good choice on my part.

It didn’t hurt when Matt grabbed me but it sure as heck startled me. He told me to pay attention and had mom call me again. Guess what? I was back at her side in no time flat.

After my adventure in the goat ravine I did a couple of easy things on the leash. Here’s me and Matt taking a breather in the front yard.

The Sheriff

I can’t wait till Matt comes back. He knows the most fun stuff to do. He’s gonna teach me some party tricks so I can be the center of attention.

Tomorrow I’ll bark about what Matt taught Tess and Jack. Even deaf old Jack wants to learn.

Gotta run!





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