Picture Perfect


I’m jealous. Asher is mister perfect. He’s handsome, funny, good natured, and he has those stunning blue eyes.

Asher gets along with everyone. I’m choosy about my friends.

I’m sure mom likes Asher more than me. Ash makes her laugh. I make her mad.

Ash is confident. I’m clingy and insecure. Ash knows how to heel. He started dance lessons last week. I hate all this home schooling business.

When we go in the car Ash stretches out on his dog bed and goes to sleep. I pace around and make a nuisance of myself.

When Asher’s little brother Zag came for a visit I lost my mind. Imagine two dogs that everybody likes more than me. Well, I put a stop to that nonsense. I tried to kill Zag so people would pay attention to me.

I know I shouldn’t have all these bad feelings towards Ash. He let me join his pack. He shares his food and toys with me. He doesn’t care if I take the best seat on the couch. He just wants to be my friend.

Maybe I can learn to be more like Ash. Mom says I have a good self. I guess I can work on the “good” me. In the meantime Ash says he loves me just the way I am. That’s what I mean. Ash has such a good spirit. He even forgives me when I’m mean to him. I’ll be better Ash. I promise. Respectfully, Tess.

Tess and Ash

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