I Did It


I’ve been at Asherpark now for over a year. During that time I’ve always had a babysitter. Usually Ash has to stay home with me because I get so worried when the people leave.

The first year I couldn’t rest when mom left me and Ash in the car. Ash would just fall asleep, but I cried and barked and watched for mom to come back.

Over time I got a little better. I only barked if mom had to take Ash with her and I was alone in the car. Then I was a barking fool.

A couple of days ago mom decided to take me with her when she went to the dentist. That’s because the people at the dental office know me and always ask about me.

So off we went for a nice long ride. Mom parked the car so I could see where she went. I sat and watched for a while, but then I lay down and went to sleep. Just like Ash!

After her appointment the nice ladies came out to see me. They had to wake me up! Mom was so proud of me. She told everybody that I had graduated. I don’t have to have a babysitter in the car anymore.

When we got home I ran and told Ash. He laughed and gave me a nice body slam. Ash said he didn’t mind being my babysitter, but he was real glad that I have more confidence and can go out alone now.

Mom says the next step is for me to stay in the house alone. I’m not sure about that. Even Tess can’t stay home alone. Only Ash can stay home alone.

Mom said she wants me to stay alone while she walks Ash and Tess to the mailbox. That takes about ten minutes. I think I can manage. Maybe.

Anyway, I feel like I passed a big test. I guess my time at Asherpark has helped me feel more secure about my circumstances. I hardly ever think about the time I spent in the slammer. I think about my nice soft bed and my pack at Asherpark. That’s progress, isn’t it?




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