Me and Gene


Gene Kelly












This isn’t the best shot of either me or Gene Kelly, but if you look close you can see we both have some serious hang time.

Maybe you don’t know much about Gene Kelly. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh and spent his freshman year at Penn State.

He learned to dance when he was a kid. After college he went to New York and got discovered by the movie business. That’s how come he made one of mom’s favorite movies, “Dancing in the Rain.”

Here’s some funny coincidences. Mom was born in Pittsburgh. Her dad went to Penn State and knew Gene Kelly. There’s definitely some Gene Kelly in our background. Then there’s me.

I never knew Gene Kelly but I like his dance moves. He was a jock and wanted to play professional baseball, but no team wanted him so he went into dancing.

Gene wasn’t some sissy kind of dancer. He was an athlete. Like me! He spent a lot of time in the air. Like me!

When you watch old Gene Kelly movies you wonder how he did his stuff. He was really strong and graceful. What makes it even more impressive is that he did a lot of his air dancing in a suit and tie. Unlike me.

You should see him tap dancing in roller skates. Now that’s a little more than I care to try.

So how does Gene Kelly relate to life at Asherpark? I’m learning to dance. Yeah, really. OK, so I’m not too good at it yet, but I’m learning. It’s part of my home schooling. While I practice heeling I’m also learning some dance steps. Right now mom leads. Maybe when I get good she’ll let me lead.

Anyway, I like dancing and Gene Kelly is my new role model. Me and Gene. I like that. Gotta dance!




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