Sick As A Dog

Ash and Tess

Our world has been goofy lately. Mom was making strange sounds. One morning she couldn’t talk.

That was fine by us. She couldn’t tell us no or interrupt us when we were making too much noise. Oh, she would shake her finger at us but we just ignored her.

She tried explaining that she had the flu but we weren’t buying it. Mom still got up when we told her to and made us breakfast. But then she didn’t want to go outside and play.

I brought her all sorts of dirty laundry to cheer her up. Tess curled up on the couch with her and Jack just stood and stared at her. We were sort of worried about her but didn’t know what to do.

Finally mom decided  she wasn’t getting better so us dogs took her to see her vet. Mom came out with some pills and cough syrup. Tess was really glad mom was gonna stop coughing because all that hacking kept Tess awake at night.

I know it sounds kinda selfish. Us dogs are so used to mom taking care of us and we’re not too good at taking care of her.

We figured out if we wanted to hang with mom we were gonna have to take a nap with her. So every afternoon while she was sick we all had a time out. It wasn’t much fun but at least we were together.

Good thing our lives are back to normal now. We have lessons to catch up on. Mom says we have to make up the ones we missed. Tess isn’t liking the idea of so much schooling. Stay tuned ’cause I’m learning some silly fun pet tricks. Gotta run!





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