He was born in 1978. He has been gone from this world since 1993. I know him only through the stories mom tells. He is the patriarch of our pack and I honor his memory.

Jesse was sent to teach mom important lessons. Along the way they had a lot of fun together. Because of Jess mom said she could never be without an Australian Shepherd.

Jess died in August. Two weeks later Codie came to mend a broken heart. Mom said she wasn’t ready for another dog yet, but Codie found her anyway.

Some dogs have a way of taking over your life. Australian Shepherds are notorious for stealing your heart. It didn’t take me long to swipe my mom’s heart.

Mom says once you’ve lost your best friend you never take the happy times for granted. That’s why I can usually talk mom into playing with me when she’s tired. Even when she’s mad at me she can’t stay mad for long.

When I’ve really done something bad and I deserve a good scolding, I give mom that special look and she kinda melts. Then I wash her face and do a stupid pet trick. Pretty soon she’s laughing and all is forgiven.

All these years mom has kept Jesse’s ashes. She said one day she would find a place for them. She was right. When her friend gave her a Spirit Weight to honor Codie, Mom knew she would do the same for Jesse.

Jesse’s Spirit Weight arrived last week. It has a black center. Us mutts were very respectful when mom unwrapped it. Such a beautiful object filled with years of memories. Mom put it where it would reflect the sunlight. It is beautiful and simple and powerful. That’s the magic of memories. Here, see for yourself.

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