I thought I saw a ghost. There was light and movement. My heart started racing. Not with fear but joy. Codie was back.

Without her fur it takes me a few seconds to recognize her. She has been gone from us nearly two years. Two long years.

She asked to see her spirit weight. I led her to the place where it sits. She admired it from afar and remarked on the brilliant scarlet center.

Codie’s spirit weight was a gift. We didn’t know about Marc Boutte, the wonderful glass artist who makes the Spirit Weights.

Right after Codie passed our friend asked Marc to honor Codie with a spirit weight. Marc was waiting for a tiny bit of Codie’s ashes. He would make a beautiful glass touchstone with her ashes in the center. Marc said it would be a comfort.

When the spirit weight arrived it had a beauty I cannot describe. Mom handled it with great reverence and put it where it would reflect the sun. Us mutts knew it had special meaning.

Codie's Spirit Weight

Codie thought the spirit weight was beautiful. She was pleased with the scarlet center. I told Codie mom chose that color because Codie was a princess. Codie laughed and said she already knew that but it was nice of me to tell her.

Codie said she couldn’t stay. I begged her to wait till mom came home but she said the time was not yet right. Codie reminded me that she chose me to bark for her. She told me to pay attention to my lessons and come when mom calls.

Then she was gone. I felt so lonely when she left. I ran to the gate and howled but Codie didn’t return. Oh how I wish she would have stayed longer. I have so many questions. I miss her so much. Codie! Codie please come back.

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