We Were Hacked!


If you visited our site over the weekend you probably saw that goofy message. Hackers stuck some nasty code in our files and grabbed our site. Then they bragged about it.

Mom was so mad. She doesn’t know how to write code so she couldn’t fix it herself. We had to wait until Monday to get it repaired.

I was really bummed. There was all this stuff I wanted to bark about and there was no place to put it. It was like my barks were lost in the universe.

I asked mom how come people do mean stuff like hack our site. BarkingProse is just a bunch of mutts barking out loud. We don’t make money off our site or put up silly ads. We just bark about our world.

Mom kept looking in my eyes while I was asking her to explain. She got this sad expression on her face. At first she said she didn’t want to talk about it. Finally she said she would tell me, but I had to do some silly pet tricks to make her laugh.

Mom said there are people in the world who do mean things because they can. Hacking BarkingProse was mean but in the end it didn’t do any real damage other than make us mad. The worst people do mean things to dogs and other humans.

Mom says dog lovers don’t do that stuff. She said think about the good people who support Old Dog Haven. They’re helping make up for the rotten stuff bad people do to old dogs.

I sat real still while mom was talking. I wanted to make sure I understood so I could explain to Tess and Jack. Mom took my paw in her hand and kissed my snout. “You have a kind heart Ash,” she said. “You would never be mean just to hurt somebody.”

Mom called Jack and Tess over. She wrapped her arms around all three of us and told us we’re okay. We have to forget about the mean people who hacked us. BarkingProse is fixed and we’ve got work to do.

Mom told me to get some barks going. She sent Jack and Tess out front to watch for dad. We’re up and running again at Asherpark. See ya!

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