Couch Potato


When Tess came to Asherpark you couldn’t talk her into getting on the couch. Somebody must have taught her it was bad because she’d get real agitated if you asked her up.

After a few months she’d sneak on the couch when she thought mom wasn’t looking. When mom came into the room, Tess would jump off the couch and pretend it wasn’t her that left that white fur on the cushions.

Soon Tess got feeling more comfortable and invited her own self on the couch. Now you can’t keep her off.

Tess was crazy when we brought her home. She ran around in circles foaming at the mouth. She was one nervous nellie. She’s not so much fun now that she has calmed down.

She’ll still chase a goat when she can and I’m not sure I’d let her around the chickens. But mostly, she just wants to hang with her pack.

This is a picture of Tess right after she ate dinner. Notice her eyes are almost closed and she crossed her back paws. Sweet, huh?

Tess is kinda lazy for a border collie. She likes to watch me run the fence but she never joins in. Her favorite pastime is being a couch potato. I hope she doesn’t lose her girlish figure from all that nap time.

I gotta go. I don’t spend much time on the couch. Too much to do. Smells, barks, balls, swiping laundry. See ya!

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