Our Jack


He’s got a head as big as a dinner plate and tiny little paws. His dry eye syndrome makes his eyes weep giving him a sad look.

His right ear is thick and gnarled like a prize fighter. Now he has an infection in that ear and it bothers him a lot.

Mom gave Jack a pain pill this afternoon. He’s having trouble staying awake. If he wakes up and can’t find mom he gets real nervous and trots all over the house looking for her.

Last night I heard mom talking on the phone. She told her friend Jack acts like he has been abused.  Mom said whenever anyone reaches towards Jack he flinches.

I thought maybe it was because he doesn’t see that good. But mom said he sees just fine. Even the eye doctor said his eye condition hasn’t blurred his vision.

Mom said it’s likely somebody hit Jack in the past. That makes me really sad. Jack is the nicest guy in the world. Why would anybody be mean to him?

Nobody has ever hit me. Not for anything. When I was a pup and got into all sorts of trouble, mom gave me time out till I calmed down. She’d never let anybody hurt me.

We’re taking Jack to see Dr. Brad tomorrow. We gotta do something so Jack feels better. He counts on us to take good care of him. Old Dog Haven will pay for his vet bills.

Jack doesn’t understand why strangers send money to Old Dog Haven to support him and other final refuge dogs. I told Jack it’s because he’s special.

There are lots of people who want old dogs like Jack to have a good life. Maybe they can’t have a dog of their own, but they want to help support old dogs who haven’t had an easy life.

Even though Jack is deaf, he can hear kindness. He may flinch when someone moves towards him, but he still loves people. He’s an old worn out dog with a beautiful soul. We’re gonna do everything we can to keep him happy. We want Jack to live a long long time.

Stay tuned. I’ll put out a bark as soon as we know what’s wrong with Jack’s ear. See ya!

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