I’m Okay


Ash says I have a poor self image. I disagree. I know my shortcomings. There are many.

I’m an old worn out mutt. I lived many years in squalor and chaos. Ultimately the authorities removed me from the only home I ever knew.

I was underweight and full of fleas. My bad ear was infected and my eyes were filled with pus.

I spent five long months in the joint. It was a hard and lonely time.

They took my only friend Butch away and never told me where he went. I had no one. Then it was over.

Now I live at Asherpark. I have my own pack. People fuss over me. I have someone to follow. I have friends. I have value.

I have an ear infection. Someone cares how I feel. Old Dog Haven pays for my treatment. My people take me to the vet and give me my meds. I feel better already.

I’ve had so many ear infections. I used to scratch and scratch. That’s how I got the big cauliflower ear. That’s why I look funny.

I don’t know why my life changed for the better. I don’t know why I was chosen by Old Dog Haven. I don’t know why I ended up at Asherpark. I just know that I am very grateful.

I have been hungry. Now I want for nothing. I have been lonely. Now I am surrounded with love. I give thanks to the universe. I am very grateful.

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