Where Is She?


It’s been four days since mom left us. Jack won’t sleep in the bedroom at night and he mopes all day. Ash lies in front of the big doors waiting for her to come home.

I’ve got dad so I’m okay, but the boys are having a tough time. Mom didn’t want to leave us but she had to go to a memorial service near Chicago. She’ll be back soon, but not soon enough for Ash and Jack.

Ash is funny. He’ll take off on an adventure whenever he can if mom
is home. He knows it worries her when he gets out of the fence, but he so loves to go solo. Ash won’t go anywhere when mom isn’t home. He won’t play ball, he doesn’t steal socks. It’s like he lost his spark. He still eats and gobbles his treats, but something is missing.

Mom says the pack needs everybody to be complete. If somebody is missing, even for a good reason, it doesn’t feel right. We need mom to come home. As soon as Ash sees her he’ll grab a ball and jump on her. Jack will start grinning and I’ll flop down in front of her so she will stop and pet me.

Homecomings are fun. We get lots of attention. Mom keeps telling us how much she missed us. Jack will get kisses and mom will play ball with Ash till he’s had his fill. Then we’ll all go hop on the couch and watch tv. We won’t have to ask where mom is anymore. She’ll be right where she belongs – with us.

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