Saving Time


Humans worry a lot about time. They talk about running late, out of time, time consuming, time critical. Every year they try to save time and move their clocks ahead. They call it daylight savings.

Today we stop saving daylight and turn the clocks back an hour. So when we got mom up at 5am this morning it was really 4am on the old time.

It takes us house dogs at least a week to adjust to the new time. Our bellies tell us when to eat, but mom insists we go by the clock. She keeps telling me breakfast happens when the clock says five and dinner when it says four.

I have a clock in my head. I know when it’s time to get up, time for breakfast, time to play ball, time for dinner, time for our evening walk and time to go to bed.

Humans worry about what happened yesterday. That’s so strange. Yesterday is over. Why let it ruin today? Mom says she wants to be like me. She says I wake up happy. I’m always ready for my next adventure. I’ve always got time to play ball or wash somebody’s face.

Here’s my advice. Life starts over every day, so enjoy it while you can. Doesn’t matter if you’re saving daylight or not. Think about it. Gotta run!

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