It’s Not Easy Being Me


I’ve come a long way since I arrived at Asherpark. The day I got here I was so distressed I peed nearly fifty times.

Mom thought I had an infection and took me to the vet the next day. Turns out it was nervous marking. I still do that sometimes when I’m upset.

I’ve got some challenges  – my border collie personality, red hair, and I was a stray. I go crazy around the goats and chickens, I bark too much, I tried to kill Asher’s little brother.

Mom says I’m too smart for my own good. Things have improved since I decided I belong to my dad. I still have all my bad habits but now I have my own person.

I lie by his chair while  he reads. I sit next to him on the couch and we watch the news together. When it’s time for my dad to get up I jump on the bed and lie real close to him.

Whenever dad goes anywhere in the truck, I go too. But one time he couldn’t take me because it was too hot outside. Mom felt sorry for me because I moped around for hours until he came home.

I’m afraid of thunder and gun noises, so mom got me some tonic from the vet to help me relax. I hate brooms and vacuum cleaners. Whenever I get a chance I bite the broom, even if it’s not moving.

Mom says I am real sensitive and she tries not to hurt my feelings except when I’m in the middle of a dog fight. Then she doesn’t care about my inner self, she just wants my outer self off the other dog.

Everybody loves Ash because he’s funny and easy to be with. People who don’t usually like dogs are crazy about Jack  because he’s quiet and gentle. Me, I’m in trouble a lot. Sometimes I don’t even understand what I did wrong. But mom says I have a good heart. She knows I want to please.

Every night before I go to sleep the people tell me that they love me. They tell me I have a forever home at Asherpark. Me and Ash, together forever. I like that. Respectfully, Tess.

Tess and Ash

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