If I could stop time I would have done it yesterday. It was the most perfect day a dog and person ever had.

We got up early because you can’t eat breakfast until you get up.

As soon as we stepped outside I could feel the magic. A little sliver of a moon was bright enough to make shadows in the dark. The stars were right in our faces. Owls were hooting and I could hear coyotes arguing in the distance.

Instead of feeding us right away, mom let us walk around in the front yard. Usually I have to stay on a leash when it’s real early because I like to bark at the neighbor dog. But Zoey wasn’t out yet, so I got to run free without getting in trouble for my loud mouth.

Soon dad got up, the day got nice and warm, and our whole pack hung together outside like it was summer again. Mom played long ball with me until I got tired. She opened the back of the car and let Jack inside. He fell asleep in the sun. Tess followed dad around like she was his bodyguard.

Our Dad

In the afternoon the vet came to see the goats. Tess had to watch from inside because she went nuts. Jack couldn’t go into the goat ravine because he eats chicken poop and it gives him bad breath. I got to watch from the other side of the fence.

After the vet left us house dogs had our dinner. Mom made extra special grub for our slop bucket and we gobbled it up. We took another walk in the front yard, and this time I got to tell Zoey what for.

When it got cooler we went inside. Mom gave each of us a massage and cut some hair balls off me and Tess. Jack fell asleep on the couch while Tess and I watched the news.

Around bedtime we took another walk outside. The day ended just like it started. The little moon was back, the stars were out. The owl wasn’t up for talking yet but I could hear the coyotes yipping about something.

Mom put Jack to bed and told him how much she loves him. Tess grabbed her favorite spot on the couch while I had one last fling with my blanket. Soon Jack was snoring, the people were tucked in for the night, and I settled down on my mat next to mom. How much better does it get? Perfect!

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