Sweet Nothings

Jack and Mom

Ash has been doing all the barking lately. Since we’ve got a house full of guest dogs and he’s busy entertaining, I’m covering our bark today.

Our mom is kinda camera shy. She likes to take our picture but she really doesn’t want to be in the picture herself. Last week she invited some of her very best pals from work to come for dinner.

Her pal Dave is really good with a camera. We asked Dave to take her picture when she wasn’t looking. This is my favorite of all his pictures.

Mom is was whispering sweet silly stuff in my ear. I couldn’t hear the words because I’m deaf, but my heart knew what she was saying.

All us dogs really like it when we’re the center of attention. Tess will let anyone snuggle with her. Even Ash will cuddle with mom.

Some of the men folks make fun of Ash and call him a mama’s boy, but he doesn’t care. He says it makes mom laugh when he gives her a good face washing and that makes him happy. Her too.

As long as we’re talking silly stuff, here’s one of my favorite pictures of the twins. Now tell me they aren’t sweet on each other. Sometimes nothing much happens at our place. We just enjoy being together. Having your own pack – it’s very sweet.

Ash and Tess

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