Camp Codie


I am Frieda. You can see that I am advanced in years. I am the beloved companion of Janine and Anita.

My people have known my godparents since before I was born. As a youngster I was in puppy care at the home of my godparents. They were living in the city then.

Codie was a young Aussie girl in those days, old enough to know her way around a garbage can but young enough to enjoy me as a pup. She taught me how to play Aussie bump and run.

I spent summer vacations at Camp Codie when my people were traveling. The rules were more lax there and I got to behave badly like an Aussie.

When Codie was thirteen my godparents brought home a little bundle of fur called Asher. I despised him. I was already in my middle years and couldn’t stand the little brat nipping at me.

Now that Asher is older I appreciate his company more. Codie and Asher moved to the country a few years ago. Ash grew into a country dog there and Codie enjoyed her remaining years with lots of space to roam.


I was with Codie the final day of her life. I knew she was ready to leave us because she no longer cared for garbage. She told me not to worry. She said I had many good years ahead and she would watch over me from the other side of the rainbow bridge.


When I am very still I can hear her. She speaks of celestial garbage cans that overflow with treats and treasures. Your people miss you Codie. So do I. Your forever friend, Frieda.

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