From Jack


Jack doesn’t smile often, but when something really special happens his old face just lights up. Turns out someone found Jack on the internet and sent him a message at BarkingProse.

This same kind person is sponsoring Jack through Old Dog Haven. Jack thought all of that was pretty neat. But when he received a package of treats addressed to “Jack” he was over the moon.

There was a beautiful card that came with Jack’s treats too. Jack was really touched.

Mom says Jack is an old soul. He is gentle and kind and reminds us of how we should be grateful for the good things life brings to us. Mom says people are blessed when they can know a dog like Jack, and we should feel honored to care for him in his old age.

Jack says he won the lottery when he came to live at Asherpark. He thought things couldn’t get any better, but then his new friend cared enough about him to send him special treats.

Jack wants to send a big big thank you to his new friend. He says the tasty treats and the elegant card mean so much to him and he feels real important because he’s the only one in the pack who has a secret admirer. From Jack with all his heart, Thank You!

Jack's Treats.


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