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At The Beach

It’s that special weekend when I go to the beach with my brother Zag. It’s always the first weekend in October. The weather is nice and it’s not crowded. We have soooooo much fun.

Here we are first thing in the morning. We’ve been playing ball in the surf for an hour. Zag got rolled over by a rogue wave. He didn’t like it. I saw it coming and just floated in, but Zag went tail over ears in the water.

We get so wet and full of sand. We know at the end of each day we have to be hosed off, but it’s worth it. Zag’s little brother Rhett came with us. He had a blast in the water.

Here he is running away from the waves. He’s not scared but he doesn’t like to get wet. His nose is pretty close to the ground, so the salt spray splashes in his face if he’s not careful. He wants to be one of the guys. It’s not easy being the little brother, so we try to cut him some slack.


Mom makes me and Zag pose for our portrait. She calls it driftwood art. She did the same thing last year with another piece of old rotten wood. You can decide for yourself if you think it’s art or not.

Ash and Zag

Mom’s busy wiping up sand. Me and Zag are tired but we don’t want to miss any time at the beach, so we’re pestering to get going again. The sky is real blue, the wind is blowing. We’ve seen deer and lots of geese. This is a really neat vacation for me and Zag. I’ll tell more later. Gotta run!

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