Beach Rugby


Have you ever played beach rugby? It’s a really fun game. Me and my brother Zag played yesterday until we were so tired we couldn’t run anymore.

Here’s me after a nasty scrum. I went low for a ball and plowed the sand with my nose. I’m just catchin’ a breather before we went at it again.

You know what’s neat? Some mom’s don’t let their dogs play in the muck and get as dirty as me and Zag. My mom did say something like “oh no!” when she saw me, but she was laughing so hard I knew she didn’t mean it.

My brother Zag got dirty too, but his fur sheds the sand faster. Oh my gosh, I had the very best time ever at the beach. The moms hit the ball until their shoulders ached. I kinda felt sorry that they were hurting, but I didn’t want them to stop.

It was fun being the center of attention. They kept throwing us the ball and taking our pictures. Sometimes they would shout “yes!” when I jumped really high. My mom calls me “Ashman” when I’ve performed some amazing jump, and I know she’s real proud of me.

High Flyers

Here’s me and Zag going after the ball. I can out jump him, but he gives me a good shove once in a while. He’d make a great free safety.

Okay, maybe I’m bragging a little, but take a look at this next picture. Imagine the ‘hang time’ and tell me I’m not a hot dog! Yippee! I sure had a blast at the beach. Stay tuned. I got some more really good pictures. Gotta run!

Ash Jumping

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