Mixed Blessings


My brother Zag is coming today. That makes me happy. Zag and Tess got into it the last time Zag was here. That makes me sad.

Me and Zag are going to the beach. That makes me really happy. Jack won’t have mom for two days. That makes him awful sad. I feel bad because I know how much Jack will miss her.

Dad will have to manage the house by himself. Mom says it’s a good thing he won’t have to worry about me. She calls me a handful.

But Tess is a handful too. Tess will have to share the truck with Jack. She’ll make Jack sit in the back. Tess will hog the couch and try to keep Jack away from dad. Jack will just let her have her way. He’ll be missing mom and wondering if she’ll come home.

This will be the first time since we got Jack that mom has left him. She wishes she could take him with us but it would be too many dogs and this is my special time with my brother.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our pack. Jack wants me to go and have a good time at the beach even though he’s already feeling scared. I can’t wait to go to the beach but I’m worried about Jack. I won’t be here to tell him it’s okay and mom always comes back.

I’d call him from the beach but he’s deaf and he can only hear with his heart. So dad says he’s gonna give Jack lots of attention. I’ll bet Jack gets extra treats and rides in the truck. He may even get to sit in the front seat once or twice. I hope so. Gotta run!

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