My Bad


Did you ever do something really bad? Something that got you in big time trouble? My bad self took over last week and I tried to kill Asher’s brother Zag.

I mean I really went after the little fur ball. I didn’t like him when I met him last year. He’s way too tight with Ash and I don’t want him in our pack. Our mom dotes on him and I can’t stand him getting that much attention.

I acted like everything was okay when he showed up this time. I kept my distance and growled super quiet under my breath. Mom told me no growling so I quit the noise and gave him the stink eye instead.

In fairness to Zag, he didn’t do anything wrong. I just don’t like him. After the trip to the beach he and Ash were going on about how much fun they had. I got tired hearing about it. Mom took us all in the big yard to sniff and pee. That’s when I saw my chance and launched on Zag.

Oh I got a good mouth full of fur. I had him pinned and was going to give him a licking he wouldn’t forget. I figured I’d scare the spit out of the little mongrel and he wouldn’t come back. Next thing I knew I was being lifted in the air by my fur. Mom had me by the neck and got all my feet off the ground.

I let go of Zag and he took off running. Mom put me on the ground and held me down for a long time. She told me I didn’t run the pack and she wasn’t going to put up with my bad behavior. I had to lie still for the longest time. The silly people were so upset I almost felt sorry for them.

Zag was covered in slobber from me grabbing him but otherwise he was fine. I was bleeding from my lip where I bit myself. It tasted funny but I didn’t mind. Ash was horrified. He couldn’t believe I would do that to his little brother. I thought he was gonna to cry. Jack just shook his head and went to his favorite bed.

I was the center of attention most of the evening. Everybody was talking about me and my bad self. I didn’t care. I put a good scare into Zag, not to mention the people. The rest of the time Zag and I were kept separate. I did some time in solitary so Zag could hang with my pack. How disgusting. Zag got to be on MY couch. Good thing dad didn’t pet him much.

Ash wants to know why I’m so mean. He says he wouldn’t do that to my family. I don’t know what to tell Ash. The mean just takes over sometimes. I should be sorry, but I’m not. Mom says that worries her because she knows I’ll do it again. For now everything is fine. Zag went home. I’ve got my couch back. Life is just the way I like it. Your reporter, Tess.

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