Ash and Zag

This is not an illusion. This is me and my brother Zag. Every year since Zag was born our moms make us pose for this silly picture. At first it was real easy to tell us apart by our markings. But now that we’re older we look more and more alike.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my brother Zag. Not only does he look like me, he thinks like me. He’s crazy nuts about my mom too. If anything ever happened to Zag’s mom, he’d come live with us.

We weren’t raised together so it’s kinda funny that we have so many of the same habits. We know exactly how to play the growly mouth game. We LOVE the ball. We’re both scared of sudden noises. We love cats. We’re good pals and never fight.

I like having a brother who likes me. There were about twelve of us in the two litters, one year apart. The only brother I’m close to is Zag. We were the only blue dogs in each litter. It’s almost like we’re twins born a year apart. Zag was born on April Fool’s Day. That’s why I call him the little fool.

Me, I was born on February 12th. Not much significant about that day in history except for my mom. She says it’s the day that changed her life, only she didn’t know it for another two months until she took me home.

I got a couple more pictures of me and Zag doing our guy stuff on the beach. You can tell we were having a fun time. This is my last bark about the beach trip. Next year we’re gonna do it again. Gotta run!

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