House Guests

The Labradors

These are my three friends – Pepper, Maggi and Libby. This picture was taken by their boss when they drove across country.

They have their own pack, but when they come to Asherpark we let them join the house pack. Then there are six of us. Boy does that make for a crowded kitchen.

Mom says the extended pack is a passel of dogs. I think that’s a nice way to say there’s one dog too many. Well that’s in the eye of the beholder.

Tess says Pepper’s a problem cause she wants to sit on the sacred couch with our dad. Jack says Libby is always taking his favorite bed.

I say the more the merrier. I love having my pals around. There’s always somebody to play with. Besides, I can outrun all of them.

You might remember this picture from an earlier bark. It’s one of my favorites. That’s Libby who has me by the throat. It was all in good fun.

Play time

When the guest dogs go home I sleep all day. Guess that means I’m pretty tired. Jack gets his bed back and Tess doesn’t have to share the couch. But you know what? We really miss our pals when they leave.

They’re here for a few days so we’ve got time to get into some more mischief. Mom says three plus three dogs equals a whole lot of trouble. I have no idea what she means…..

Anyway, gotta run.

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