Sleepless Nights


The day got off to it’s usual start, but mom was cranky and impatient with us. Each one of us had awakened her during the night for some frivolous reason.

Tess came in around 2am to say hi. Around 4am I poked my nose in her face to see if she wanted to play.

Our house guests, the three Labradors, assumed it was time to get up and started prancing around like they had to go pee real bad.

Mom reluctantly got out of her warm bed and let us outside. Is there a full moon? There must be some explanation for our bad behavior. I just don’t know what got into us.


Libby and I started playing rough even before breakfast was served. Mom feeds the house guests first, but she has to separate the packs before she fills the bowls. The labs were outside watching the preparations. That got Pepper so excited she began to howl. Libby chimed in just to keep her company and Maggi ran around in circles, knocking over the lawn furniture.

Once the guests were fed we got our normal rations. Us house dogs are pretty good about not pushing and shoving when the food is being served. We each have our own corner to eat in. I go first, Tess next. She pirouettes around and then plants a big sloppy kiss on mom. Jack just sits there and looks goofy.

Once we’ve eaten the packs get reunited and usually we go sniff in the yard or let our meal settle. Not this morning. Jack started barking at mom – he wanted to go for a ride. I said since when do we go for a ride at 5am??? Libby barks whenever anybody else does, so she started mouthing off. Pretty soon all six of us were barking.

Mom wasn’t real happy about that. She looks forward to some quiet time after our breakfast when she can sip her coffee and edit our barks. Not this morning. Things were so wild she finally put Jack in the car to shut him up. The labs got time out in the studio, and me and Tess stretched out on the couch for a snooze.

Mom had to take the car out or Jack would have felt cheated, so she drove down the driveway to pick up the newspaper. Jack doesn’t care how short the ride is, he just wants to go. When they got back all us dogs were napping. That made mom extra cranky to see us dreaming when we wouldn’t let her sleep.

Sometimes I kinda feel sorry for mom. She works really hard to take care of us and we don’t always return the favor. Us house dogs are usually pretty nice to her but when our friends come over we forget our manners. It’s okay. We know she loves us anyway, even if she’s feeling sleepless.

Gotta go grab a nap so we can get up early again tomorrow. See ya!

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