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Today I’m barking about Jack. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately and want people to know how special he is. It hasn’t always been that way.

When we first got him through Old Dog Haven he had some baggage. But me and Jack worked things out and now we’re as thick as brothers.

Mom knows how worried Jack gets when he’s left alone, so I’m his babysitter. He cries something awful for mom unless I’m with him.

For the longest time Jack never smiled. It’s hard to tell from his sad face what he’s thinking. One day mom invited him to play with her. He understood right away what she wanted and got this way cool look on his face. Then he started bouncin’ and doing the play bow back to her. It was hilarious.


Jack is still the most serious one in our pack, but at least we know he has some fun left in him. Maybe it just took him a while to get over the loneliness of the shelter. Five months in solitary can do that.

Maybe it’s all the love he gets now. When he goes for a walk strangers stop and ask to pet him. He’s always the gentleman. He never pulls like me.

You do have to watch where Jack’s standing. He’s still got that urge to mark everywhere. Maybe it’s a form of canine vandalism. Anyway, Jack’s The Man! Gotta run.

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