Captain Cody


A while ago I barked about my buddy Cody. He’s a service dog and gets to go everywhere with his boss. Last week they went to Florida. Here he is sailing in the Florida Keys.

His boss takes really super good care of him. When he goes on an airplane he can’t have much to drink the day of the flight because he can’t use the restroom on the plane. So he gets a good drink the night before and little slurps during the flight.

Cody is about my size, but he can curl himself up into a tiny ball. He has to be small to fit into the foot space on an airplane. He rides right under the feet of his boss.

My mom used to take Cody to work when his boss was in the hospital. Mom said it was neat having a service dog because everybody wanted to know who he was and what he did.

I was really jealous when I heard that mom took Cody to a fancy French restaurant one time. Cody is so lucky. Because he is a service dog he has to eat wherever his boss goes. He actually got trained to have little bites under the table. The difference with him is he doesn’t beg – except with his eyes. Mom never lets me have bites under the table. She says I’d get greedy and help myself to the whole plate.

I’m really happy for Cody and his boss. You can see he’s laughing and having a great time on the boat. When Cody has a fun time, his boss does too. Good for you Captain Cody!

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