From River’s Mom Sima


Asher, I wanted to thank you and all your buddies for welcoming me into the party pack last week. It was great fun to wag and run. Like you, I love the chase and catch of the balls and sticks. I was mesmerized watching your gravity defying catches!  A real inspiration to me being the grounder I am.

A few years ago when I was but a pup, my mom tossed a ball into the air for me and like any good Sheltie would, I had to stop it before it hit the ground. Unfortunately, the ball and I both hit the ground and I broke my leg. I spent Christmas and some 7 weeks after in a cast. Thanks for letting me have most of the left field ground balls.

I’m so happy you have a good friend in my boy River. He has a strong honest heart and as well…comes from a long line of ball players and great barkers.

River loves to share his enthusiastic loud thoughts in his dad’s ear- especially important things need to be said in his ears when he is in the car. I love to speak too and in fact talked so much when I was young, my mom needed to quiet down my voice.  I was a soprano.. well, I am still a soprano, but a quieter one. I can sing and yapp at the universe as long as I please. Some things just need to be said. Never feel bad about that.

Your energy and enthusiasm are wonderful. I hear wonderful stories about my good friend Wind back in his younger days when he played ball with the best of them!  Wind has taken River under his paws to guide him on how to be a great mountain dog…now if I could just get my boy out of the river water! But that’s another story, another time.
Hope to see you again.
Your friend Sima aka  All You Need Is Love

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