It’s that time of year when we all have to give mom our poop. She collects it in little jars and puts our name on the jar. She makes it sound real fancy by saying she’s collecting a fecal sample. We all know it’s just a jar of poop.

She takes our poop to Dr. Brad to see if we have any hitchhikers in our bellies. Two years ago Codie and I got sick with giardia. We went to the emergency vet and both got IV fluids. Codie had to stay overnight because she was real weak.

Tess and I have been clean for the last year but this year Jack has little one cell critters swimming in his gut. Dr. Brad said Jack has coccidia. We didn’t know because Jack seems just fine and doesn’t have any symptoms.

Since Jack has a dry eye condition he can’t take the usual medicine to kill the coccidia. Dr. Brad knew of some medicine that will kill the bugs but not hurt Jack’s eyes. He had to order it from a compounding pharmacy in Arizona. I don’t remember the name but we’ll get it next week so I can bark about it then.

Here’s the funny thing. Dr. Brad told mom that Jack had caecal worms in his gut. They come from chickens and it proves that Jack has a taste for chicken poop. Dr. Brad said it’s no big deal for Jack because the worms don’t live in dogs, but it means our chickens have worms.

In case you haven’t guessed, this means lots of work for mom and dad. The chickens have to be wormed, Jack has to be treated, then Jack has to poop in the bottle again. Finally Tess and I have to give mom another poop sample to prove we didn’t get anything from Jack. If everything works out right all the worms and one cell critters will be long gone. Fun, huh. Glad all I have to do is keep on pooping. Gotta run!

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