All Quiet Now


I gotta get this bark out before I fall asleep. We had a dog party today and things got pretty wild. My pals River and Wind came and they brought River’s mother! Her name is Sima. My little Corgi pal Pippen came too.

We ran and played and barked and had a grand old time. Wind made a pass at Tess, River chewed mom’s hair and Jack minded his own business.

I’m not sure what happened next. Mom said the devil got ahold of me. I started acting goofy and wouldn’t shut up. I kept barking and barking and acting like I had no manners.

Everybody tried to get me to calm down, but I just felt out of sorts. Mom played long ball with me and gave me special attention, but it didn’t help.

Finally mom decided I was too tired or too excited or too something. She put my training collar on me and held me close to her on the leash. Somehow that made me feel better. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have to think about what to do. I could only stand close to mom and follow where she went.

Mom gave the leash to dad and told him to be real gentle with me because I was having a hard time. It was nice. Nobody got mad at me. They were just worried because I was acting strange. As soon as everybody left I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until it was time to post my bark.

I feel better now. Everyone was kind to me even though I was a jerk. I’m sorry for my bad behavior. I guess we all have bad days. Maybe the next time you see somebody having a bad day you can cut them some slack. Maybe they don’t mean to be that way. Maybe they just got a little crazy and can’t help themselves.

I’m gonna take a long nap. I’m gonna ask my mom to rub my toes and tell me how much she loves me. I’m gonna fall asleep with my head on her shoulder. I’m gonna dream about playing with my friends. Gotta go now.

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