Not Fair!


Betcha thought I wasn’t going to get my bark done today. I know it’s late in the day, but it took me this long to decide what to bark about.

It was a toss up between chicken stories and us dogs getting mad about mom and her motorcycle.

I’ll get to the chickens on another day. But since mom rode off and left us barking, Tess and Jack wanted me to tell everyone how left out we felt.

Mom has loved motorcycles since she was little. She got her first motorcycle when she was done with college. She bought it from some guy and then had to call her friend to ride it home for her because she didn’t know how to drive it.

Over the years mom rode lots of motorcycles. Her favorite is her old BMW she’s had for thirty years. She says it’s as smooth as a sewing machine when it’s tuned up right.

Most of the time mom drives the car so she can take us with her. But today she said the sunlight was perfect for an afternoon ride. So she asked dad to watch us and off she went by herself on her motorcycle.

Us dogs were awful mad that she would leave us. We carried on something terrible. Tess barked, Jack wailed and I howled. Mom looked at us in disbelief and then started laughing. She said if we kept it up she might not come home in time for our dinner. That really got to us so we complained even louder.

Mom came home about two hours later. None of us told her that as soon as she was out of sight we went and took a nice nap. We wanted her to feel guilty so she wouldn’t leave us again, but dad ratted us out. I hope it snows soon so mom can’t ride her motorcycle. Either that or she’ll have to get a sidecar and take us with her.

Anyway, we were plenty mad and we want everyone to know how badly we were treated. She better stay home with us tomorrow!

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