Since 1978 mom has always had an Australian Shepherd watching over her. It started with Jesse and continues with me today.

Jesse was mom’s first dog. There were family dogs when she was a kid, but Jesse was truly her dog. Oh boy was he ever.

Jess was the kind of dog who didn’t trust you until he got to know you. Once you were his friend, he’d give his life for you.

Mom and Jess used to travel together. When it was time for lunch she’d order some burgers and they’d sit on the curb and share.

I told you about the silly pet tricks she taught Jess. They were so tight they used to do everything together. If mom played softball, Jess was in the outfield with her. Time to go swimming, Jess thought so too.

One time mom was going backpacking with some friends and Jess had to stay home. The car was packed and everyone was ready to go. Mom couldn’t find Jess. She called and whistled and looked everywhere for him.

Finally she told her friends to go without her. She wouldn’t leave unless she found Jess. As she was taking her backpack out of the car she saw a speck of white. In the very back of the trunk nestled between the tents and gear, Jess had hidden himself so he could go too.

Jess reluctantly got out of the trunk. Mom was laughing and crying at the same time. She almost didn’t go on the trip because it was so hard to leave Jess behind.

Jess even went on the airplane with mom. He went to Illinois when mom’s dad was real sick and he went to a family reunion in Texas. That’s worth a bunch of stories. So stay tuned. Keep on reading my barks. I promised one a day for all September and I will keep my word. See ya!

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