This is Jack with a happy look on his face after he ate doggie ice cream. Yesterday he had a real funny look after mom gave him some yucky medicine.

Jack wants me to bark about what mom’s doing to him. I was gonna do that a couple of days ago but I’m having a little trouble with my facts.

Last week mom grabbed some of Jack’s poop and took it to Dr. Brad. Us dogs think that is just plain wrong. We might bury our poop, scatter it or eat it once in a while, but we certainly don’t save it and give it to somebody.

Dr. Brad looked at Jack’s poop and said Jack had coccidia in his gut. Jack said he didn’t know he had house guests. Dr. Brad said Jack had to evict his guests and he would get Jack some medicine that would make them leave. It had to be a special tonic of some sort because Jack has dry eye problems and he couldn’t take the regular eviction meds.

Now here’s where I get lost. Dr. Brad gave mom some stuff called Amprolium. He said Jack is supposed to get a squirt full once a day for a week. The stuff is supposed to taste like chicken. I don’t think so!

Mom gave Jack a mouthful yesterday. His eyes got goofy big with horror. He scrunched up his face until we all started laughing. Then he tried to wipe the taste off that big tongue of his with his paws and slobbered all over the floor. I heard him mutter something about the worst ‘chicken’ he’s ever had.

Jack gets another dose this morning. This oughta be fun. As soon as Jack sees the bottle he’s gonna run. Maybe we can get a picture of his scrunched up face. I’ll post it later if mom gets a good one. See ya.

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