Jack Got To Go


This is gonna be a short bark but I want everybody to know. Mom and dad were invited to dinner at the home of their friends. These are the people who have Frieda, the golden retriever.

They also have two young cats who don’t get to meet many dogs. So they invited Jack to come to dinner. His job was to show himself to the cats.

Jack was happy that he got to go in the car. He had no idea he had been invited to dinner. He’s still insecure because he never learned good house manners. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do.

But he was on a leash and he stayed real close to mom. The cats came out to see who was in the house. When they saw Jack they got kinda hissy with him. One ran away and the other puffed up like a big toad. Jack looked bewildered. He didn’t understand why they would act that way.

Jack is mellow and easy going these days. He knew the cats were worried about him. He acted all meek and turned away so they wouldn’t feel threatened. That was exactly the right thing to do. Pretty soon the cats came out and watched him for a while. He finally got bored being the center of attention and went and took a nap on Frieda’s bed.

Me and Tess were envious that he got to go, but we were really proud that he did so well. Our friends said he could come back anytime. When he got home he kept babbling about his trip. He said it was the best possible day. He went for a ride, got a bowl of grub and a bunch of treats. Best of all he got lots of praise. He’s feeling pretty good about himself right now. I can tell because he’s making silly sounds in his sleep. Way to go Jack!

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