I Am Barking


I nearly barked out loud as I came down the driveway towards the house. What once had been a humble split rail fence at the entrance to the property was now a sturdy six foot fence and gate. There was only one explanation for such an enormous fence: Asher.

That little rascal loved an adventure from the time he could walk. Even when I was still there to keep an eye on him, he would slip off to explore the ravine. I wonder how long this fence will hold him.

I passed through the closed gate without effort. No longer clothed in fur and flesh I can go anywhere.

It is slightly more than one year ago that I left my body behind. You cannot cross the rainbow bridge burdened with a worn out body. I am not ready to encounter Asher or my people. I am still getting used to the experience of life without physical being.

There is so much to bark about – my last days, the passage, what I found on the other side. Honestly I don’t know where to start or how to describe where I have been and what I have seen. Please be patient as I try to make sense of things. For now I will pass my thoughts to Asher so he can tell the others. In time I may be able to tell my own story. I will bark more later.

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