The Sign of the Rose

Before she died Codie told me her spirit would return to watch over us. She said she had to stay on the other side of the rainbow bridge for a whole year, but once the year had passed she would be free to come and go.

Codie said I would know when she was back. It has been a year since she left us, so I’ve been watching for her sign.

Mom was restless this morning and went out early to check on the chickens. As she passed her favorite rosebush she saw a beautiful new rose. It was the only fresh rose on the bush and it was perfect.

Mom and I looked at each other. We knew it was a sign from Codie. From the time she was little Codie was a princess. She had dainty feet and loved to lounge on soft pillows. She always slept in bed with her people. Her chosen sign was elegant, befitting a princess.

It’s not clear to me how to communicate with Codie. For now it is enough to know that she is present with us in some form. I know she will tell of her travels across the rainbow bridge and what she found on the other side when she is ready.

Mom put Codie’s rose next to the spirit weight that contains a lock of Codie’s hair. I’ll write more about the spirit weight another time. Right now I’m going to sit by the front gate and wait for Codie. We’ve missed her so much. I hope she comes soon.


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