My Girl

Tess and Ash

I’m a lucky dog. I’ve always had a family. I’ve never been hungry. When I got hurt once mom took me to the vet and I got all patched up. And for the last year I’ve had my own girlfriend.

I’ve barked about Tess before but not as often as I should. Sometimes I take her for granted because she’s always there. But today I really need to bark about why she’s so special.

See Tess with the ball? She’s not teasing me, she’s inviting me to play. Tess knows I love the ball and it’s a sure way to get me to play with her. Sometimes she just grabs a hunk of my fur to get my attention.

Tess is like a little mother. Once she’s decided you’re part of the pack she’ll do her best to protect you. A few weeks ago a guest dog jumped Jack. Because he’s deaf Jack didn’t hear the attack coming. Mom wasn’t close enough to stop it. So Tess threw herself on the guest dog to save Jack. I was getting ready to jump in but mom got there first and pulled everybody apart.

I was so proud of Tess. After the fight she kept licking Jack to make sure he was okay. I could tell it meant a lot to Jack. He’s had some fights in his life but now that he’s older and can’t hear, he’s easy prey for some punk dog.

I don’t mind that Tess always goes in the truck with dad. It means so much to her. She gets this great big smile on her face. She lifts her beautiful tail real high and prances around. When dad opens the door she races to the truck and jumps in the front seat.

I really love Tess. After Codie died my life was pretty lonely. I didn’t have a dog pal anymore. That’s when mom told me I needed a girlfriend and she found me Tess. Wow, how lucky is that? Thanks mom! Gotta run.

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