Our Dad

Dog Pals

See the guy in the picture? That’s my dad. I don’t bark about him much because he doesn’t like to be the center of attention.

A couple of nights ago I heard mom asking dad about his life when he was younger. I learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t know.

His parents came from Norway and he was born in Portland, OR. He joined the marines when he was 17 and got sent to fight in Korea.

He doesn’t much care about money or things, but he really cares about us dogs. You can tell from the picture how he feels about us.

Dad doesn’t know all our commands. It’s kinda funny. When he gets frustrated with us he sort of sputters and mom has to step in and bark out the orders. You’d think he’d be better about orders since he was a marine, but maybe he forgot. It was a long time ago.

Tess adores dad. She’s his dog and goes everywhere with him. Mom rode in the truck with dad a couple of days ago and Tess was really mad because she had to sit in the back seat. Mom calls Tess dad’s other wife.

When dad was a little kid he had to go live in the country because his mother was Rosie the Riveter at the shipyards. He lived with his uncle who raised chickens. I guess he still remembers that. Here, see for yourself. That’s my dad with his favorite chicken.

A Man and his Chicken

Jack and Tess want everybody to know that our dad has a really soft heart when it comes to creatures. He used to carry Jess, mom’s first Aussie, up and down the stairs each night when Jess could hardly walk. He cradled Cornelius, his beloved cat, as Corny took his last breath.

Dad never gets mad when we get sick or have an accident in the house. He just cleans it up and tells us not to worry. He’s real gentle when he puts the drops in Jack’s eyes. When he’s done he kisses Jack on the snout.

Me, Tess and Jack want our dad to know how much we appreciate all the things he does for us. That’s why I barked about him. Thanks dad!

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