Scaredy Cat

Tess and her Shadow

How can a dog be a scaredy cat? I asked mom that question and she just laughed. I really want to know because Tess is my best dog friend and she’s a real scaredy cat.

When she first came to Asherpark she was scared of her own shadow. That’s why I took her out so she could see her shadow. It didn’t hurt her, so I think she’s over it.

We got Tess in August last year. The fireworks were already over so we didn’t know they make her crazy.

Tess heard fireworks last night. Our neighbors think it’s fun to blow up big firecrackers. It might be fun for them, but it’s sure not fun for Tess. She ran in the bedroom and dived under the bed. That took a lot of effort since the bed is real close to the floor.

Mom tried to coax her out but she wouldn’t come. Me and Jack weren’t much help. Jack can’t hear anything so he slept right through the noise. I don’t get scared at the bangs I just bark like mad.


This is Tess when she’s happy and relaxed. She’s a real nice girl and I hate to see her all scared and goofy over stupid fireworks.

The worst part is when Tess gets really scared she loses her mind. You can’t reason with her. It’s like she can’t even hear you.

Mom says we got to watch her real close or she could bolt and run off.

Maybe that’s how she ended up a stray last year. She was picked up around the 4th of July. Oh man, we got to keep her safe this time. I couldn’t stand to lose my Tess.

If you have a dog you love, be sure to keep your pal safe this weekend. Some idiot could throw a firecracker in your front yard and your dog could run off and break your heart. We’re keeping Tess on a leash or in the house all weekend. What are you going to do? Think about it.

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