Hot Dog


OK. We’ve been goofin off. My two brothers Arrow and Abel came to stay with us, a coyote swiped our favorite chicken, and it’s been too hot to write.

Well, not really. I mean all the stuff I said is true except the part about writing.

These past few days have been tough on old Jack. I mean Tess and I get hot too, but an old black dog just gets worn down in the heat.

Of course mom worries about all of us. But when Jack was too hot and tired to follow her around like he usually does, she knew she had to do something to perk him up a little.

So out came the doggie ice cream. Dad still has to hold it for Jack. You’d think he’d figure out how to eat it himself. Tess and I grabbed ours and headed for the far corners of the yard. Jack sat in the shade and licked and licked until the little container was bone dry. Then just in case he left something on his whiskers, he stuck his tongue out as far as it would go.

When mom clicked the shutter I heard her laughing. We all peeked at the camera and had a good laugh with her. Jack didn’t care. He was remembering the taste of the ice cream and how much he loves it. I told him he should act real weak every time it gets hot and then we’ll all get plenty of ice cream.

Mom’s gonna start making her own doggie ice cream. For now we’re loving our Frosty Paws. You can get it at most grocery stores. Try it – you’ll like it! Gotta run.

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