See this little guy? That’s our friend Freckles. He’s been to our house a couple of times. On his first visit we had just got Jack. Things were still pretty crazy with Jack marking all over the house, so Freckles had to keep a low profile.

When Freckles came over a couple of weeks ago it was different. Everybody got along fine. In fact, Freckles met some other dogs and we had a dog party.

Freckles belongs to our friends. He’s a rescue dog like Jack and Tess. He doesn’t bark much so we don’t know a lot about him. He sure got lucky when his people chose him. He lives in a house by the woods and eats real good.

You may think this isn’t a serious bark, but sometimes it’s fun to bark about the little stuff. Like when nothing much happens and dogs and people play silly games.

Talk about silly, look at these pictures of Freckles’ nose. Mom has this thing about dog noses. She’s always sticking the camera in our face and taking pictures that make our noses look real long and goofy. See what I mean?

I guess I’ve barked enough about Freckles. He’s such a nice little guy I wanted to put him in the DailyBark. Here’s to you Freckles! See ya.

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