July 12, 2009

forever in our hearts

It was a year ago. July 12, 2009. The saddest day of my life. The day Codie died.

Codie was sixteen. Mom said it was a miracle that she lived so long because she got mast cell tumors when she was young and had four surgeries before she was ten.

Most of the time Codie ignored me. I was young and a pest. But I loved her. She was funny and smart. When she played with me I was crazy with joy.

There were five of us at the house on Codie’s last day – three Labradors and Codie’s good friend Frieda. We all knew something was terrible wrong. The people were weeping. Friends came to say good bye. It was beautiful and awful at the same time.

Then dad gently lifted Codie into the car. I thought my heart would break. Codie was so weak she could hardly talk, but she wanted me to know she was not afraid of the rainbow bridge. She told me that as I grew older I would understand about the rainbow bridge and I would not fear it. Codie said only humans fear the crossing of the bridge.

Codie promised her spirit would be free to return after a year. She said she wouldn’t be in her old fur but we would know her. Codie said our dog souls remain after the passage and she would be able to communicate with us. As the car door was closing Codie told me I had to help mom and dad laugh again after she was gone.

I have done as Codie commanded. I have tried my best to make my people laugh and ease them through the terrible darkness of her passing. I await her return with joyful expectation. I wish to hear from her own soul to mine what it was like to cross the rainbow bridge and who is on the other side. Please Codie, come home.

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