Camera Shy


This is my brother Abel. We were in the first litter from my mom Wanda and dad Bug. That’s why all our names start with the letter “A”.

Abel’s real easy going like me. He likes everybody and all us house dogs really like him.

Then there’s my other brother Arrow. He’s not so easy going. He gets all worried about new places and people and doesn’t want to play with us.

Here’s the best picture mom could get of him while we were in the front yard.


I like both my brothers but they hardly pay any attention to me. They’ve always had each other so it’s like they don’t even want to get to know me.

It makes me a little sad when I think about it, but it’s ok. I’ve got Tess and Jack and there’s lots of other dogs who come to visit.

The last night he was here  Arrow tried to tell Tess that he was more important than her. He kept putting his head over her neck and then he grabbed her from behind.

I warned him that Tess wouldn’t put up with that stuff, and sure enough her bad redhead self flared up and she and Arrow got into it.

Mom was there and stopped it right away, but after that whenever Tess saw Arrow she growled at him. Good thing we’ve got two separate play areas.

Today my brothers are on their way back to Montana. I hope they come back soon. Maybe Arrow will be in a better mood next time. We’ll see. Gotta run.

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