Jack and Johnny

Jack and Johnny

It was a strange weekend. There were dogs and people coming and going. It rained real hard and mom got tired of wiping our muddy paws, so we had to stay in the house for a while.

On Sunday my pal Cody and his mom came to see us. They decided to babysit us dogs while mom and dad went to a friend’s house for dinner.

Well, one thing lead to another and the next thing I knew Jack was having a drink. He said he wanted a scotch, so Cody’s mom served him up some Johnny Walker.

That got Jack to thinking about his past and he got a little teary eyed. Me and Tess sat real quiet while Jack talked about where he used to live. He told us about getting hurt in a fight and nobody caring that he was all torn up. That’s why his face is scarred.

Tess had always wondered about his lumpy ear but had been afraid to ask. He said he got his fat ear from a hematoma that didn’t get treated. It hurt pretty bad at the time but doesn’t bother him now. He talked about the animal police taking him away and not knowing whether he’d get out of the shelter alive.

Jack said he tries not to think of the past, but sometimes it just catches up with him. He told me and Tess to be grateful that we hadn’t seen the really tough side of life. Even though Tess was in the shelter, she got out in a couple of days cause she was young and cute. He said a lot of older dogs like him never make it out.

That’s when Cody barked in. He told us there are two kinds of dogs – those who have done shelter time and those who haven’t. I was starting to feel guilty. Out of us four dogs, I’m the only one with no shelter time. That really made me think.


By now Jack was feeling tipsy. He’d done enough talking for the night and wanted to take a nap. We left him alone with his thoughts. I’m still thinking about what he said.

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