On Memorial Day


What if somebody took you home when you were a puppy and then decided they didn’t like you? What if they put you in the backyard and didn’t pay any attention to you? What if you cried and cried, but nobody came?

Then suppose your people had a baby and decided they couldn’t keep you. So you were turned in to the local shelter with a bad rap sheet. It said you dug holes in the yard and barked all the time and were impossible to manage.

When people came to see you they read your rap sheet and were afraid to take a chance on you. You knew if nobody picked you the vet would take you to a room and your life would be over.

Things were looking pretty grim for my pal Cody until someone special came to the shelter. A disabled army veteran, she was in search of a youngster to train as a service dog. She had been a veterinary technician in the army. She was Cody’s last hope. Despite his bad rap sheet, his separation anxiety and his unruly behavior, she took a chance on him.

Their path together was not easy. Cody destroyed lots of stuff and nearly killed himself trying to get to her when she was in the hospital. But through patience, commitment and their love for each other, Cody became a certified service dog. Cody was trained by his person and then tested to prove he met all the service dog requirements.

Cody and his Person

I’m proud to know Cody. Like Jack, he lost his first home and almost lost his life. Like Jack, he’ll never completely forget the dark times and will always be grateful for the good times. Maybe we should all live like that. Think about it. Gotta run.

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