Ash and Cody

Mom likes wine, dad likes gin, I prefer toilet water. But after I watched Jack wrap his tail around a bottle of scotch, I decided it was time for me to have my first drink.

I hopped up on a stool and put my paws on the bar. Cody’s mom was in the kitchen. She asked me what I’d like.

I didn’t want to look like a fool, so I was trying real hard to remember the name of some fancy drink when Jack came up behind me. “He’ll have bourbon and water in a bucket with lots of ice,” Jack said softly. Wow. How did Jack know what to order? “Drink it slow, Ash” he said, “and be careful when you get off the bar stool.”

I never had alcohol before. I don’t like how it smells. I was beginning to wish I had minded my manners and kept all four paws on the floor. Cody’s mom was looking for the bourbon. I was wishing I had my nose in some nice cold toilet water. Jack knew I was looking for a way off the bar stool. He suddenly barked real loud and ran out the kitchen door. That was our signal. Cody and I jumped down and went flying out after him with Tess right behind us.

There wasn’t anything to bark at. Jack just did that to help me save face. I told Cody’s mom that after all that barking I didn’t feel like a drink anymore. She said that was fine and poured some nice fresh water with ice cubes in our bowl. It tasted really good.

Later that night I thanked Jack. He said not to worry. He feels he owes me plenty for all the times I’ve helped him out. I don’t feel he owes me anything. We’re pals. That’s what matters. Think about it. Gotta run.

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